The Jump Manual Free Download – Is It True?

Since Jacob Hiller’s program was first launched well over 4 years ago at the beginning of 2009, many sites have claimed that there is a Jump Manual free download available. In fact this has become the most popular and most downloaded program online for improving your vertical jump. For many athletes, especially those playing basketball or volleyball, the ability to jump higher vertically than their competitors is a crucial part of their success. If you can’t jump, you ain’t gonna play basketball. Simple as that.

How Do I Increase My Vertical Jump?

So having understood the importance of being able to jump vertically, no doubt you’re asking yourself “Just how do I do that?”. Well, I have to tell you there is no magic formula. It takes hard work, focus and dedication. The good news is though, it can be done. Many athletes have added 10 inches and more to their jump, so they are living proof. It’s a question of doing the right exercises. Let’s take a closer look at a few of those to give you an idea of what’s possible.

Jump Rope Workouts

Top athletes have long known about the benefits of using a jump rope. Sure, you probably first came across jump ropes when you were playing as a kid, but this is far more than just a children’s game. If you are able to jump rope on a regular basis for around 15 minutes per day, then you will strengthen those muscles necessary to increase your vertical jump. Try and use a hard surface such as concrete, or a wooden floor, for your workout. This will get you faster results.

Always keep your ankles together so that you are really jumping, rather than just hopping on one leg. As you repeat this workout you’ll find that your balance will improve and you’ll be able to turn the rope much faster. Here’s a nice demonstration of a good jump rope workout technique:

Squat Workouts

Squats are greatly beneficial for a total workout on your lower body. Obviously the necessary strength to add to your vertical jump comes from this part of the body. There are different types of squat exercises, varying in intensity, that you can do. Start off with a basic squat with your feet at hip width apart. If they are too close it will be difficult to keep your balance, too far apart and this exercise is less effective. Making sure your back and neck are kept perfectly straight, slowly bend your knees to lower your body as far as possible. Repeat 10 times.

As you get more proficient, consider adding weights to your squat routine. Place those weights between your legs and begin the squat as before. As you reach the lowest point, pick up the weights with your hands and lift yourself all the way up to a full standing position. Raise your arms so they are above your head. I suggest you repeat this exercise 5 times.

Work On Your Calf Muscles

This is the 3rd exercise I would recommend. Stand on the edge of a step or curb in such a way that the center of your feet are running horizontally across the edge. Make sure that your toes are above the step but your heels aren’t. Ideally your feet should be at an angle of 45ยบ to the step. Now very slowly raise yourself onto your tiptoes, making sure that all your weight is in the balls of your feet. If you’ve done this correctly you should feel tension in your calf muscles.

Then go back to the starting position, again very slowly. With this particular exercise the more slowly you can do it, the more your muscles will benefit. Aim to repeat this routine 20 times.

So Is There A Jump Manual Free Download Available Anywhere?

There is no legal way to download this program for free. No doubt there are unofficial, unsafe sites making such claims. Sadly not everyone operating on the internet is 100% trustworthy. In many cases the download is simply a sales pitch to order the product through an affiliate link, in the worst case scenarios users have reported downloading a virus. The Jump Manual is a product that is regularly updated; to get the updates you should order the latest, official version.

Actually there is a legitimate way to download this for free. Buy the product via the official site (you’ll find the link at the bottom of my review). It comes with a 60 day guarantee. Frankly if you follow the program there are only 2 possible outcomes

  1. It works for you – you added 10 inches to your vertical jump
  2. It doesn’t work for you

There is no 3rd outcome. If you were successful with it then you had value for money. If not, claim a refund.

Why To Download The Jump Manual?

How_To_JumpIf you found the above tips useful, and you are serious about increasing your vertical jump by 10 inches or more, then I recommend you read my thorough Jump Manual review of this product. It’s a pretty well-established product now with a lot of satisfied customers. However, it does have its negative points that not everyone wants to talk about, so it may not necessarily be for you. Check out the review and make up your own mind. In short, although there is no Jump Manual free download available it is cheap enough to suit every budget.

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